Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Although the holidays seem to bring more stress than an exam, I suppose I could tuck a bit of my Grinch away and appreciate the people I love for a little while. My good friend Julia was convinced that she could get me to like Christmas this year. She was very persistent and optimistic. And she did so by purchasing a lovely book called Fat, Bald and Worthless, by Robert Easton. She thought the title was a direct quote of my outlook on life. Thanks Julia.

My boyfriend was very sweet to me, unexpected because it was our first Christmas together and he is currently jobless, he retrieved the most adorable gifts!

Such a sweet little cutie.
Christmas is never really a great big deal around my house, I guess everyones grown out of it. But I do hope you and all your loved ones shared a wonderful holiday full of dazzling gifts, yummy food, and lots of admiration.

Love, Christine

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nothing I ever drew was as cute as you

I'm getting excited for my friends and I's very first Christmas baking party! It is only November, and I would much rather prefer the cold shy away for a little longer, but what can you do... I found these incredibly almost edible pictures that I couldn't help but share!

- Christine