Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctor Doctor!

I've been wanting a pair of Doc Martins for just about a million years now, and I've finally got them! They're perfect for trotting through the insane amounts of snow we get here in Canada.

I wear an American Apparel sweater over an American Apparel dress, tights from Club Monaco, a TNA hat, Doc Martins, and a vintage sequined purse I stole from my dear old mother.

And here's a little look at what I've been wearing...
I'm aware they are the same shirt.

I wore a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, a Community jacket over a Wilfred sweater, a striped shirt from Club Monaco, American Apparel liquid leggings, Aldo boots and a wool hat, which I believe is Dakine.

I wore a TNA cardigan, striped shirt from Club Monaco, F21 jeans and booties.
And, since I am in class I should probably get back to my work.


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